Welcome to Calling All Paws Pet Spa and Grooming


Calling All Paws is a cage-free, homelike, social atmosphere for pets to come, sit and stay. Calling All Paws understands pets and their need to exercise and socialize. We also understand owners with busy schedules.

Our facility has everything your pet could ask for and more! Calling All Paws staff encourages interaction among dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Play keeps a pets mind active and helps it remain mentally fit. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging or barking, and can adversely affect a dog's willingness to obey commands. During your pets stay at Calling All Paws, your pet can expect a day rich with activities and attention and filled with interaction, play as well as necessary nap time. We provide a healthy, fun and nurturing environment for your pet while you are away. Our focus is on constructive, rather than destructive, pet behavior. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your pet is well cared for at all times.

Calling All Paws provides a safe, clean and socially centered environment for pets. Each pet enrolled is ensured to receive the proper time and attention he or she needs. We have a strong commitment to ongoing training and education, and maintain a staff of pet lovers and owners who are experts in canine/feline first aid, CPR and animal behavior.