Calling All Paws Spa & Grooming Salon
No Fur, No Paws, No Service!
2201 E Darby Rd
Havertown, Pa 19083
(610) 446-0999
Calling All Paws Spa & Grooming Salon

Marie owner of Suki, Shihtzu writes:

"Dear Sharon,
I think you are just absolulety wonderful. Your affection you gave my Suki was " over and above" you are so caring, so concerned, and so gentle. Believe me you are the answer to a dog lover's dream especially to a dog that does not like to be groomed. Again than you for your care and you are wonderful!"

Karthrine owner of Sun Bun, Short-haired Cat writes:

"Dear Sharon,
Thanks for your flexabitly and juggling your schedule to see us."

Howard and Helen owners of Lucy & Teet writes:

"We have been bringing our dog Teet and our newest dog Lucy to Calling All Paws since we noticed it had opened. The service is the tops. We used to go to one of the major chains and the grooming would be hit or miss. At Calling All Paws, we never have a problem. The cuts are done exactly how we like it every time. The people are so friendly and caring to our girls we would never think about going any place else."

Leal & MacLean owners of Twister, Bichon Frise writes:

of a twisterDear Sharon and Calling All Paws Staff,
I can not thank you enough for the wonderful care you gave Twister. You were the 1st groomers to ever bond with him."

We are sorry to regret that Twister is no longer with us. He was a tough pooch but all in all a very sweet dog. You will be missed by all of us at Calling All Paws.

In Loving Memory of Twister May 11, 2003 - Nov 16,2007

Cathy owner of Jake, Cocker Spaniel writes:

"Dear Calling All Paws,
Just want to let you know what a great job you did on Jake. He looked good and so adorable, thanks."

Ben & Kim owner of Martini, Maltese writes:

"Dear Calling All Paws,
Martini looks great! Thanks so much for helping to make his first visit wonderful!."

David owner of Shaughnessy,Old English Sheep dog writes:

"Dear Sharon,
I just wanted to tell you what a lucky guy I am to know that you have such an understanding nature. My Shaughnessy has had some frightening experineces in his life and through your patience and understanding, he is working very hard to overcome those demons. Most people don't understand the Old Endlish Sheep dog and how fearlife life is for them, you do! Thank you for caring"

Leah & David owner of Maia, Boxer writes in an email to friends:

"Hi all, I just tried "Calling All Paws" a new - local - pet grooming biz on Darby Rd. in Havertown. It's really nice compared to what I've experienced in the past. This place is amazing for a number of reasons. First of all, it's clean, clean, clean. It's also a "free roam" type of place. So the dogs can socialize. The little dogs were separated from the big dogs and all of them were addressed and talked to etc. One woman worked the desk with a pup in her lap.

Plus, my dog was a "special needs" and they were completely on top of it. Didn't need to remind them. My dog can only use cleaning agents I provide and the ower didn't blink and eye - di everything I asked and it was reasonabley prices. (My dog is 60lbs and the cost was $36 and I asked for extra stuff) They gave me feedback on my dog's concerns and mentioned what they saw etc.

I was really pleased with the service and the people are friendly and enourage you to wait you want. More like a salon than a groomer. Only open since May, so they are taking cash and checks only right now, I signed my dog up for five more appointments. She was much more comfortable there then she's ever been at any groomer's

Best of all, it's a local business!"